Visual Stress Test

Visual Stress is a condition contributing to reading difficulties, eye strain and headaches when reading in many adults and children.
The condition relates to light sensitivity in disorders such as dyslexia, migraine and epilepsy. It can be responsible for distortions on the printed page. Distortions include blurring of print, movement of words and letters, fading of print and appearance of patterns in text.

Visual stress can co-exist with Dyslexia. If visual stress is diagnosed then other learning difficulties are easier to cope with. Many people who do not have dyslexia do have visual stress and can benefit from colour treatment. VISUAL STRESS CAN CO-EXIST WITH DYSLEXIA.

Classic symptoms are:

  • Words moving on the page.
  • When I read I get a headache.
  • The page is very bright and I can not see the words properly.
  • Reading hurts my eyes.

Research has shown that an individual colour, worn as Precision tinted lenses, will relieve the symptoms of visual stress and allow more fluent, efficient and comfortable reading.

Visual stress is due to the hyper excitability of the neurones in the visual cortex which fire inappropriately. Research has shown that the neurones in the visual cortex are colour sensitive, and by placing a colour in front of the eye changes the pattern of excitation in the cortical network to avoid hyper excitability thereby reducing visual disturbances. The same theory is also used in the treatment for migraine sufferers. COLOUR TREATMENT CAN HELP TO PREVENT THE FREQUENCY AND SEVERITY OF MIGRAINES.

We can now offer this specialized treatment for visual stress, dyslexia and migraine exclusively at Abingdon Eye Centre.